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1-1/2 oz. Metaxa brandy
1/2 slice lemon
line superfine sugar
line ground coffee

Slice a fresh lemon and cut the slice in half, yielding two happy lemon smiles. Put the lemon slice on a coaster, and lay down a good line of superfine sugar lengthwise on the lemon. Lay down another good line of the medium grind coffee. Fill a small shot glass with seven star Metaxa (greek brandy). Now pick up the lemon slice, put it in your mouth, bite the good part and tear off the rind. Chew up the lemon, sugar, and coffee but don't swallow. Now toss in the small shot of Metaxa and mix around. Eventually ingest the entire mixture and shout for joy!

This drink originated at the Wooden Nickel in Crested Butte, Colorado. Be sure to use seven star Metaxa as five star is just awful. Usually we eschew shots but this is a great exception - the mix of lemon, sugar, and Metaxa is exhilarating.

added February 19, 2008

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